Brief History

Late Mrs Odunola Olubimpe Alake Ajisefinni was born into a Christian family of Pa and Madam Joseph Ige in 1942.  She hailed from Iressi in Boripe Local Government in Osun State. Her mother was from Aride’s compound while her father was from Ile Ogan and she married in Ile Silubi’s compound all in the same home town of Iressi-land. Madam Comfort Mobolomope Ige had several still-births before she gave birth to her- her first surviving child, after which she gave birth to other two sons, Mr Gabriel and Michael Ige.

Alake was married to Mr Jimoh who retired as Chief Accountant at the Federal Police Pay Office. Her husband always put on white dresses like his father. Because Jimoh’s father always appeared neat during his days, he was given a nickname— Ajisefinni (The one that cares so much about his outlook).

After Mr and Mrs F.O.J Jimoh were blessed with children, they were using their father’s name as surname. But the children who heard the history of their grandfather fell in love with his exploits and the nickname and decided to take up the nickname – ‘Ajisefinni’ as their surname in school without their parents’ consent.

However, following advice by the school authorities, Mr and Mrs F.O.J Jimoh were persuaded to change their name to Alhaji & Mrs F.O.J Ajisefinni while the children were still in primary school.

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Mrs Odunola Olubimpe Alake Ajisefinni’s father was a plank seller in Ibadan and settled in N6/526b, Nupe Street, Mokola Ibadan and he died in 1971, three months after his daughter’s third child delivery. Her father who fondly called her Odun sent her to his home town in Iressi because of his love for her most especially because he didn’t want her to marry outside Iressi town. She completed her Secondary Modern School and also went to Teacher Training College.  She thereafter taught in CAC Olugbode, in Apata area and later worked as a civil servant at Water Corporation of Oyo State (WCOS) in Jericho until her retirement.

While in service she runs a part-time poultry farm where she reared boilers, layers and turkey and after her retirement she continued in the business till her death.

Late Mrs Odunola Ajisefinni gave birth to eight children with 5 surviving children. She lost her triplets due to strike action embarked upon by the hospital staff during delivery at the General Hospital, Ile-Ife.

Her family life was unique and worthy of emulation as her love for her family (immediate, extended and her in-laws) conquers any family disagreement and dispute.  She was fond of saying “okùn omo ìyá yi”(that is the bond of the family is tight). She was also known for another expression–“Se o n rosy.” She fondly used the expression anytime she sighted any of her family members with her unique smile of satisfaction and love.

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She was a great supporter of her husband and family as her husband described her as ‘abanijaye’ (the pillar of his life) during a surprise birthday she organized for him with her children.

Reminiscing on the life and times of her departed wife, Mr Jimoh Ajisefini recalled a time when their landlord gave them three months eviction notice, several years ago. He said late Alake mobilized her little kids to carry bricks and sand to build their site located at SW9/950A, Benbo Games Area in Apata and also sought the help of her close friend whom she called Ore (Mrs Oyewunmi) who gave them roofing materials on credit to finish the house at the stipulated time and her husband was able to pay up later.  Mr Ajisefinni added that her wife supported him to ensure that her family had roof over their head.

Alake, as she was fondly called, was known to prioritize her family members (immediate and extended) over her personal needs at all times.  She would sleep over in their houses to give moral support to ‘bleeding’ hearts whether in or out of Ibadan.  She was a mother to her siblings and children and her children’s friends. No wonder, she was spurred to write an inscription on her arm— ‘Omo lere aiye’ (children are the earth’s heritage).

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She was her family anchor who lent strength and courage and words of hope to those around her.

According to one of her children, “despite the fact that she had special joy celebrating with people, all she ever celebrated was her children’s graduation, weddings, naming, birthdays but never demanded any for herself.

“Such was her selflessness to her family.  However, her children gave her a surprise birthday gift during her 70th birthday anniversary and she gently reprimanded them that it was not yet time to celebrate her until God answers all her prayers for her children,  however we never got to celebrate her 75th birthday because she died six months earlier.

“Summarily, she taught us family love, unity and togetherness with perseverance,” she said.

It is 365 days, making a full year, today, that Mrs Odunola Olubimpe Alake Ajisefinnin transited, leaving behind her aged grandmother, siblings, children and grandchildren. Iya omo lere aiye, Iya Bayo, Alake daddy mi, your memories will ever be evergreen in our hearts.


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