ASP hangs self after retirement in own village


A retired Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and indigene of Mkpani in Ugep local government area of Cross River State, Mr. Itam Obongha, has hanged himself.

Obongha last served in Anambra till April this year.

He was in Anambra till last week when he travelled down to his village in Mkpani on November 1 where he terminated his life two days after on November 3 in his father’s house.

He, though, did not give any clue to why he hanged himself by dropping any suicide note, it was however suspected that it could be the delay by the authorities to quickly pay him his dues.

A close friend of the deceased and a retired Superintendent of Police from the area, who pleaded anonymity, said Obongha killed himself the day after he got back to the village.

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He said: “He hung himself in his home in Mkpani. He just retired and I don’t know if it was because he was not paid immediately that he decided to kill himself.”

The source called on police authorities to ensure that retired officers get their entitlements as soon as they are retired, to avoid frustrations that may lead to depression and ultimately suicide like in the case of Obongha.

“You know when you retire from the police, you will not be paid your entitlement immediately and they would stop your salary. It brings a lot of frustration to people. I mean look at this man that just killed himself. He was under 60. This is so frustrating, even to some of us still serving.”