Why El-Rufai’s APC ‘ll lose 2019 guber polls– Senator Sani


Rights activist and politician, Senator Shehu Sani has fingered what he called the anti-people policy of Governor Nasir El-Rufai as the reason why the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) would lose the state in 2019 general election except there were reversal of such policies.

Sani (APC-Kaduna Central) spoke to newsmen on Tuesday, shortly after receiving complaints from traders on Governor El-Rufai’s plan to demolish the famous Kasuwan Barci Mar­ket in Kaduna.

His words: “The anti-people APC policies of the administration in Kaduna State is sending people away, many people now only have faith in Buhari not in the party any more. Most programmes of govern­ment in the state are not in favour of the people and if it continues, APC will pay for it. The current administration’s policies are only designed to please some certain group of people in the state.”

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Senator Sani advised the state government to put off plans to demolish the market, famous for its textile and second hand cloth­ing noting that demolishing such market with 4,800 shops at this time of hardship would spell doom for thousands of families.

According to a pained Sani, “I identify with the pains, concerns and fears of the traders and I appeal to the governor to think twice with a human heart over the issue. We promised to deliver change to the country and as democrats, what­ever we will do, we need to consult and carry the people along. We cannot treat people with arrogance and insolence and expect them to trust us again,” Mr. Sani said.

He further noted the traders are angry and expressed fear that if the market is demolished, it will be dif­ficult for them to regain their shops back. Sani who is the Senate Com­mittee Chairman on Domestic and Foreign Debts, advised Governor El-Rufai to suspend the demolition plan and concentrate on complet­ing projects he had started.

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His words: “For all the project he started, he has not completed any. So, the mistake will be when he demolishes the market and there is no funds to reconstruct it, what will happen to the trad­ers and the place?” – noting that most government activities would shut down by 2018 when political activities begin ahead of the 2019 general election.

According to him, “The market had provided jobs for more than 30,000 men and women, with many youth off the street and en­gaged in tailoring, craft work and trading. Engage the traders in re­constructing the market by giving them a specific design to recon­struct with a deadline.”

He further told the anxious traders that he would forward a memo to the governor on the issue and advised them to also seek dialogue with the state gov­ernment to resolve the matter, advising them to approach the state House of Assembly, religious leaders and human right organ­isations for intervention. He also added that the traders also have the option of taking legal action if all efforts failed to stop the gov­ernment plan.