‘Why four Skye Bank executive directors resigned’

skye bankEmerging facts at the weekend indicated that the four Executive Directors of Skye Bank Plc resigned their positions last week to allow new strength and ideas that would also contribute to the growth of the bank.

A top source from the bank also quoted by The Guardian also disclosed that the four directors were the remaining board members dissolved by the Central Bank of Nigeria in July 2016.

According to the source, they were left then to strengthen operations for the newly appointed directors and now it is assumed that services have been completed

Already, a growth progression has been effected as three General Managers have been assigned in charge of the directorates.

Now, Mr. Segun Opeke will oversee the Lagos directorate; Mr. Ayo Abina will supervise the South directorate and Mr. Femi Aribaloye will oversee the Risk Management Directorate and the new appointments have taken immediate effect.

The directors who resigned are Mr. Idris Yakubu, Mrs. Markie Idowu, Mrs. Abimbola Izu and Mr. Bayo Sanni.

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The Group Managing Director of the Bank, Tokunbo Abiru, in a statement, thanked the Executive Directors for their service to the bank, noting that they had contributed immensely to the successful leadership transition, which commenced last year.

One of the Executive Directors, who spoke under anonymity, according to the statement, said: “Having put in some time in the bank, resignation from service is not new in the industry. New structures will always create new opportunities and challenges. I think this is the right time to step aside for others to also contribute to the growth of the bank.”