Jail Threat: Sowore dares Melaye, says he’s prepared to die


  • Vows to expose and shame all dirty politicians in public office 

Publisher of an online newspaper—SaharaReporters—Mr Omoyele Sowore, on Sunday dared Senator Dino Melaye regarding his (Dino) threat to jail him (Sowore) over serial publication of scandalous stories about the lawmaker’s purported questionable educational background.

Sowore who asked Melaye to go ahead with his lawsuit has however declared that he was ready not only to go to jail but to also die in his sworn quest to expose those he called dirty politicians adorning themselves with garbs of honour in public offices.

Bar and Bench Watch reports that the publisher had used his popular news website to say that Dino Melaye might not have graduated from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)as he claimed in his various official documents and sworn declarations.

But Melaye had retorted by claiming that he not only finished from ABU but that he also had about seven university degrees.

He had alleged that SaharaReporters did not like his person and that it was always publishing dirty stories about him when its profile is going low.

He threatened that he would sue the stand-alone online newspaper and its publisher and ensure that Sowore is jailed.

He had indeed gone to court to file a libel suit claiming multibillion damages.

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But instead of Sowore to be daunted, he continued with further investigations of Melaye and had published other stories which put lie to the claims by Melaye that he had university education in some reputable foreign universities.

SaharaReporter’s further investigation of Melaye’s days at the ABU had spewed out dirty findings about how he spent about a decade in pursuit of a mere degree in Geography which authenticity of the certificate he purportedly obtained from the university is in doubt.

The certificate in circulation claimed that Dino Melaye purportedly had a B.A in Geography when the said department is in social sciences faculty and not humanity.

It also emerged that Melaye purportedly had Third Class if he actually graduated and that he allegedly did not satisfy the academic requirements for the award but that it was allegedly waived for him.

Sowore’s Sahara Reporters said it would publish more stories not only about Melaye but also about other dirty politicians occupying exalted seats in the country.

In a Facebook post, in reaction to the threat by Melaye to jail him, Sowore said he had sworn to see to the very end of the case against Senator Dino Melaye, saying he was ready to put his life on the line to ensure that Nigeria is rid of manipulative leaders.

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He said he would rather go meet his ancestors in his quest, than see Melaye walk free.

Sowore said he had sworn to name and shame politicians who have, for too long, been deceiving the Nigerian people.

Sowere said he would die to ensure that those he described as “drug dealers, certificate forgers, money launderers, political manipulators, and assassins” are named and shamed.

He claimed the quagmire between himself and Melaye could be likened to that of former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida, who instituted libel charges, petitions, even incarcerated and allegedly murdered late Dele Giwa and persecuted Gani Fawehinmi over their investigative stance.

Sowore wrote: “Folks: It was brought to my attention earlier that Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye promised to ‘send me to jail’ over the recent unravelling of his questionable educational background.

“ While some are worried, appalled, alarmed and concerned and even scared about this declaration, it had me thinking differently.

“I am a Nigerian citizen who had been through torture, humiliations, and incarceration by dictators in uniform between 1992-1999 before I, eventually, left Nigeria.

“I have never doubted the power of justice over legalities.

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“That a Nigerian Senator in a democratic era could make this proclamation is indeed a sign that our democratic transition was a farce, particular when you’ve now noticed that Mr. Melaye was sitting at the feet of one of Nigeria’s worst military dictators, Ibrahim Babangida just a week ago.

“One of Babangida’s worst crimes against humanity was the assassination of notable investigative journalists of our time, Dele Giwa, by way of a parcel bomb.

“Another thing Melaye shares in common with Babangida and his killer squad was using libel lawsuits to silence inquisitions.

“ In the 80’s, Gani Fawehimi was found liable of libelling the killers of Dele Giwa and asked to pay damages to Halilu Akilu.

“Here is how I am different and also not different.  I am not going to run away from criminals running the Nigerian political space until they are defeated, and their ideologies of greed, bloodiness, and avarice are entirely abandoned and discredited forever (Apology to Bob Marley).

“If it takes my life, so be it; if it means another unjust ruling asking for damages for thieves. So be it. We must take our space back from the 10 percenters, drug dealers, certificate forgers, money launderers, political manipulators, and assassins.

“Thank you,” he signed off.