Stay attractive in the bedroom, by Charles Ighele


Over the years, I have had cause to visit some couples in their homes and I never liked the way some of them dressed at home. Imagine a man and the wife welcoming me to their home, with the man either tying a wrapper, wearing a pair of trousers or boxers and the wife tying a faded wrapper covering her chest downwards. If they appear like that in their living room, one wonders how they look like in the bedroom. For me, I cannot see myself dress anyhow in my bedroom. Despite the fact that I have been married to Carol for over 30 years, I still believe I need to look attractive to her in the bedroom. She also believes she has to look attractive for me in the bedroom. We don’t believe we should dress well only when we go out and appear unkempt at home.

If the spirit of excellence determines how you dress while going out, that same spirit should also be at work to make you casually, but cutely dressed in your living room or bedroom. We believe a couple should have attractive looking bedroom attires, which they should not wear, when stepping outside the bedroom. The attractive looking bedroom attires should be for the husband and wife’s eyes only. If they have any reason to step into any other room in the house, they can wear something else on top of those exclusive bedroom attires.

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A couple’s bedroom is a very important part of the house and should be treated as such by all members of the family. I believe firmly that a couple should share the same bedroom and bed because it fosters unity and bonding among them. A survey carried out in the United States of America reveals that couples that share the same bedroom and bed have more likelihood of making peace after a quarrel. When a couple has romantic bedroom attires, it creates excitement for them. The average woman, especially after the first year of her marriage, does not take time to care about how she looks in the bedroom. She may wonder why she needs to look attractive, when no one is seeing her. But the fact is that someone is seeing her and that person is her husband. When a man sees his wife with an old fashioned nightwear or a faded wrapper tied to her chest, it can reduce the man’s attraction at that moment.

What happens in a couple’s bedroom can spice up or make dull a relationship. Some couples have found themselves in stereotype bedroom relationships. They look very ugly in the bedroom, but very attractive on their way to church, offices or parties. Men love to see their wives look appealing. It is, therefore, the wife’s duty to go out of her way to spice up her bedroom, by always wearing attractive night wears and under-wears that will tantalise her husband. Husbands should also learn to look appealing to their wives by buying nice bedroom and sleeping wears. It is easy for one to decide to change as far as bedroom looks are concerned. As I sat in the lounge at our headquarters church chatting with some of our members of staff, it was all laughter, when a man said his wife has been using the same bedroom wrapper for fifteen years. And his wife was there. Some days later, the wife said she had thrown away the wrapper amidst laughter. We can change.

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