Iran’s Attack on Israel: Nigeria  takes stand, sues for peace


The Nigerian Government has reacted to the attack on Israel by Iran, escalating the hostility in the Middle East.

Iran, on Saturday, officially launched an attack against Israel, using several drones and missiles.

The attack is believed to be a retaliatory move following an April 1 attack reportedly carried out by Israel on the Iranian embassy in Syria, which killed seven Iranian military officers.

In response, the Israeli war cabinet authorized a retaliatory attack by its military against aggressive actions by Iran. The approval was granted after an emergency meeting of the cabinet following the attack by Iran on Israel.

In a statement on Monday signed by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisca Omayuli, the Nigerian government appealed to Iran and Israel to exercise restraint following the recent escalation of hostilities between both nations.

The federal government said diplomatic efforts are ongoing to ease tension and avoid a wider conflict in the region.

The statement reads: “In this critical period, it behoves the two countries to reflect on the universal commitment to peaceful resolution of conflicts, for the advancement of global peace and security.”

Recall that the United States had earlier warned that Iran could launch a major attack on Israel with more than 100 drones and dozens of missiles aimed at military targets inside the country.

G7 Releases Statement On Iran’s Attack On Israel, Takes Stand

The G7 consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, has released a statement on Iran’s attack on Israel on Saturday.

G7, in reaction to the attack, condemned Iran’s decision to attack Israel. The intergovernmental political and economic forums expressed solidarity and support for Israel.

On Sunday, US President Joe Biden said a meeting of the G7 countries would be convened to “coordinate a united diplomatic response” to Iran’s attack on Israel.

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