HURIWA hails Senator Ned Nwoko’s proposal for Anioma State


The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has thrown its weight behind Senator Ned Nwoko’s proposal to establish Anioma State.

In a statement e-signed by its National Coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko,  HURIWA said a creation of the proposed Anioma State represents not only an administrative adjustment but a necessary correction of historical oversight

Senator Nwoko who introduced the bill represents Delta North in the Senate.

HURIWA said the bill addresses what he sees as a longstanding inequity in the geopolitical distribution of states, particularly within the South-East zone.

Specifically, HURIWA highlighted the disparity that has left the South-East with only five states, compared to six in other zones, except the North-West which has seven.

This, it argued, has led to a perpetual disadvantage in legislative representation and resource distribution, with the South-East having fewer senators than other zones.

The association contended that Anioma State would bring about equitable representation and enhance the distribution of national resources.

With proposed nine local government areas from the present Delta State, including six rich in oil and gas resources, the proposed state holds substantial economic potential, added HURIWA.

 The statement reads in part: “The proposed Anioma State, comprising nine local government areas from the present Delta State, holds substantial economic potential. Six of these areas are rich in oil and gas resources, which could significantly contribute to the state’s revenue base and overall economic viability. Additionally, the region is endowed with significant human capital, making it a sustainable and promising candidate for statehood.

“The economic argument for Anioma State is compelling. The region’s wealth in natural resources, particularly oil and gas, positions it as a robust economic entity that can thrive independently. This economic strength would not only benefit the residents of Anioma but also contribute to the national economy. Furthermore, the human capital in Anioma, characterized by a highly educated and skilled populace, enhances its potential for growth and development. The creation of Anioma State would harness this human capital, driving progress and innovation.

“Beyond economic and political considerations, the socio-cultural argument for Anioma State is equally strong. The Anioma region, with its unique cultural heritage, has long sought recognition and autonomy to preserve and promote its identity. The proposal has reportedly garnered widespread support from socio-cultural groups such as the Izu Anioma and the Pan Igbo cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo. This cultural backing underscores the deep-rooted desire for self-determination and equitable treatment within the Nigerian federation.

“Again, the political landscape of Anioma has consistently shown unwavering support for the creation of the state. Prominent political figures, traditional rulers, and community leaders have all voiced their approval. Notably, the late Asagba of Asaba, Obi (Prof) Chike Edozien, was a fervent advocate for Anioma State, having engaged in numerous discussions with national leaders, including former President Olusegun Obasanjo, to advance this cause. This political and traditional backing is crucial for the legitimacy and success of the proposal”, HURIWA added.

HURIWA further emphasized that the creation of Anioma State is not just about addressing regional imbalances but also about fostering national unity and equity. They argued that fair representation and resource allocation are crucial for addressing historical grievances and promoting inclusivity and justice within the Nigerian federation.

“The call for Anioma State resonates with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, reflecting a collective demand for justice and fairness. From grassroots organizations to high-level political and cultural groups, there is a consensus on the need for Anioma State. This widespread support is indicative of the proposal’s legitimacy and the urgent need for action. HURIWA urges all relevant authorities to heed this call and expedite the process of state creation to rectify the longstanding imbalances”.

HURIWA said it is in full support of Senator Ned Nwoko’s proposal for the creation of Anioma State, emphasizing its importance in achieving justice and equity for the South-East geopolitical zone.

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