NLC condemns another hike in electricity, calls for reversal


The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has condemned another hike in electricity tariff instead of a reversal as promised by the Federal Government.

The condemnation was given by Mr Joe Ajaero, NLC president, on Thursday in Abuja in a statement titled, “Stop killing the people and the economy.”

According to Ajaero, the hike in tariff by DISCOs from N206.80 to N209.5 with effect from July 1, 2024 for the so-called band ‘A’ customers represented the height of impunity and arrogance.

“This will certainly put more companies out of business as well as create more difficulties for consumers.

“This increment has come on the heels of unresolved contestations around the insane 250 per cent hike in tariff leading to national paralysis including the shutting down of 300 businesses as per MAN,” he said.

He noted that the 250 per cent hike drew the ire of the citizenry and rage of organised labour whose members went on a one-day protest for its unreasonableness and violation of extant rules of tariff hike.

“We demand a reversal. The only reason that action was paused was a firm assurance from relevant quarters including the National Assembly that the matter would be dealt with quietly.

“That there is another hike instead of a reversal as promised is further proof of the insincerity of government just as it is equally a measure of government’s insensitivity.

“We have no doubt that this frequent crass display of insincerity and insensitivity will pitch the people against government or vice versa,” he said.

Ajaero noted that the three excuses given by DISCOs included exchange rate, interest rate and cost of gas as justification for the increase.

He added that that underscored the argument that government and entities in the energy sector were not serious about finding an enduring solution to the energy crisis.

“For, clearly, they are treating the symptoms.

“Given the further damage this latest wave of increase will do to our economy, we demand an immediate reversal of the hike.

“It is unjustifiable, unreasonable and malevolent. Government and DISCOs should stop killing the people and the economy,” he said.


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