My perspective on upward review of judges’ salaries, by Kayode Ajulo, SAN


Every proponents of good governance and justice should express their appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, for graciously approving an upward revision of salaries and allowances for judicial officers. This decision demonstrates the President’s profound commitment to the administration of justice.

The current review holds the potential to yield numerous advantages for the effective and timely dispensation of justice. Let us explore the extent to which it can support our esteemed Lords and the administration of justice:

A. Attracting and Retaining Talent: By offering increased salaries and enhanced allowances, the judiciary will become more enticing to exceptionally skilled and competent individuals. This will facilitate the attraction of talented lawyers and legal professionals to pursue a career within the judiciary, ensuring a pool of qualified individuals capable of handling legal cases.

B. Alleviating Financial Pressures: Appropriate remuneration can alleviate the financial burdens faced by judicial officers, thereby reducing the susceptibility to corruption or unethical conduct. When judicial officers are relieved of financial concerns, they can dedicate themselves more fully to their professional responsibilities and render impartial decisions based on the merits of each case.

C. Enhancing Motivation and Morale: Equitable and competitive salaries, coupled with suitable allowances, can elevate the motivation and morale of judicial officers. Feeling valued and suitably rewarded for their work can augment job satisfaction, leading to heightened dedication, productivity, and a profound sense of pride in their profession.

D. Mitigating External Influences: By providing better financial incentives, judicial officers can be shielded from external pressures or undue influences. When they enjoy a reasonable standard of living and are not susceptible to bribery or other forms of corruption, they can focus on upholding the rule of law and dispensing justice impartially.

E. Professional Development: Enhanced financial resources can be allocated to the ongoing training and development of judicial officers. This will facilitate their professional growth, ensuring their familiarity with contemporary legal principles and practices. Ultimately, this will contribute to the effective and efficient handling of cases.

It is essential to recognize that while salary and allowance reviews can be advantageous, they represent only one aspect of the overall judicial system. Other factors, such as infrastructure, case management systems, workload management, and administrative support, also play pivotal roles in ensuring the effective and timely dispensation of justice.

21st March, 2024

*Dr Olukayode Ajulo, OON, SAN*

Hon. Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice, Ondo State.

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