Linking NIN with Phone Number: Dangerous security breach, by Tola Adeniyi

Chief Tola Adeniyi

Federal Government must immediately stop the Patami’s inimical and insidious security breach which mandated citizens to link their NIN, BVN with their telephone numbers.

There is no place in the world where sensitive security detail like NIN otherwise known as Social Insurance Number in other countries is placed on the open market as Patami compelled Nigerians to do.

The origin of this politically motivated scheming was when Buhari threw the Nigerian citizenship to all manners of migrants, particularly the Fulani from all over Africa via his reckless pronouncement in Cairo Egypt.

A sham legislation was enacted which purportedly conferred Nigerian citizenship on any migrant who possessed a phone number attached to NIN and lived anywhere in the country for a year or two.

The shenanigan was meant to seriously alter the country’s demographics.

Anybody who gains access to other people’s NIN, now made porous through phone numbers, can easily commit all manners of criminality with the vital information so garnered.

The Federal Government is exposing Nigerians to local, national and international crooks and criminals with the continuation of this severe security breach.

It must be stopped today.

I call on Nigerian constitutional lawyers and security experts to step into this matter and quickly intervene and secure government compliance.

Nigerians have been abused for too long with silly and self-serving laws and regulations for too long.

This security breach is one too many.

High Chief Tola Adeniyi, Jagun Oodua Adimula ll of Yorubaland.

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